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“…hands-down one of the best keynote speakers I have watched in my career.”


Let Dr. Joel Selanikio engage your audience to think differently about the future of health, and the intersection of health, technology, and business — understanding the origin of current trends and the implication of recent advances, for healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, global health and humanitarian work, and our personal health.

Dr. Selanikio is an award-winning physician, TED speaker, futurist, emergency responder, and innovator whose broad career has allowed him to observe and leverage the great technological changes of our time as few others have done.

A founding member of the World Health Organization’s Digital Health Roster of Experts, he is the winner of both the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award for Healthcare and the $100,000 Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainable Innovation. Named as one of Forbes’ “most powerful innovators,” he has been honored as well for his humanitarian work in responding to disasters and outbreaks.

Dr. Selanikio will leave your audience talking, and thinking, long after the lights go up. 


Dr. Selanikio gave a fantastic TED-style talk on data-driven innovation in health at the 2018 HHS Opioid Symposium, bringing the audience through the history of tech through the latest developments in big data and AI, and tying it all together in a package that was entertaining and informative, and highly-rated by the audience.
— Dr. Mona Siddiqui, Chief Data Officer, Office of the Secretary, US Department of Health and Human Services
I strongly recommend Dr. Joel Selanikio as an extraordinary speaker. Bayer Portugal had Dr. Selanikio on two occasions in Portugal to speak about collaboration and its impact on society and science advances and on both talks he manage to capture the audience’s attention in a most entertaining, fresh and interesting way.
— Isabel Fonseca Santos, Medical Director, Bayer Portugal
He was just incredible from the beginning of our conversations, to the event presentation, to the post event engagement with the audience. A wonderful professional to deal with. I would engage Joel at the next opportunity I have.
— Ramon Vega, Senior Director, Biogen
I never felt more satisfaction in any decision than on the one to bring Joel onboard; he gave a fantastic talk to more than 1500, nearly the entire group of attendees.
— George Dodge, Director, Orthopedic Research Society
... one of the most engaging, thought-provoking, dynamic, and relevant speakers I have had the pleasure to watch. Relevant, entertaining and insightful .... when you watch him speak, you can immediately see the passion he has for the topic. He has a knack for connecting little-known facts with the topic at hand that leaves the audience in awe... The attendees continued talking about the concepts he presented for days after the event. He is hands-down one of the best keynote speakers I have watched in my career.
— Carlos Garmendia, Associate Director, Biogen
If you need inspiration, education and entertainment, Joel covers all three. He was a keynote speaker at the Irish Health Research Board conference on Big Data in Health, the opportunities and challenges ahead. He did not speak to our audience, he brought them on a journey. First we went back in time. This was to ground our understanding of how far we have come in the world of data, big data and AI. Through clever examples and recent research papers he demonstrated the growth and potential of big data and AI for health. If you asked anyone in our audience, they would say it was an incredible journey.
— Gillian Markey, Communications Manager, Health Research Board
Joel gave an outstanding presentation at our annual partners’ meeting in 2017, speaking to the top 200 leaders in our company. His vision of the impact technology will have on healthcare was compelling ... I’d highly recommend Joel for anyone who is looking for a speaker that will present a compelling vision of the future of healthcare.
— John Bienko, Principal, ZS Associates

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